ZamZam and Ajwa Date Gifts from Hajj & Umrah + Free Printables!


My husband and I were blessed enough to go on the Hajj Pilgrimage this year.  Now that I’m back, I have a few friends and family members to give small gifts of ZamZam and Ajwa Dates to.  We decided that we were only going to buy gifts for our immediate family members to limit our time in the marketplace, cut down on unnecessary spending, and not have to lug back ten suitcases.  To those people that helped us out along the way of our Hajj journey, we decided to gift them some ZamZam water and Ajwa Dates.  The thing from Makkah + the thing from Madinah = perfect, and not to mention inexpensive, gift!


Introducing:  ZamZam Water and Ajwa Date Gifts from Hajj

Age Range:  9+ years old

Cost:  $ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • ZamZam
    • (5L for 9 riyals from Jeddah airport)
  • Ajwa Dates
    • (small box 4″x6″x1″ for 25 riyals from Taiba Mall in Madinah)
  • small water bottles, emptied and labels taken off
    • (12 for $3, or 25 cents each)
  • cake pan or tray
  • funnel
  • measuring cup with a pouring spout
  • 4 oz. Ball mason jars with decorative lids
    • (12 for $9, or 75 cents each)
  • cardstock
  • glue stick and/or tape


1. Make sure you bring back ZamZam and Ajwa Dates from Hajj (or Umrah)…otherwise this will be a difficult gift to give!

2. Locate a cake pan, funnel, and measuring cup with a pouring spout in your kitchen.    Carefully pour out ZamZam into the measuring cup and transfer into the delabeled, empty water bottle using the funnel.



  • Measure out the exact amount needed per bottle.  The bottles I used were exactly 1 cup each (or 6.6 fl oz).IMG_20160920_161619.jpg
  • Make sure the funnel isn’t too large for the water bottles you bought, you don’t want the funnel tipping over your precious ZamZam water.
  • Only do one bottle at a time, which means only one bottle in the cake pan at all times.
  • Seal your filled bottle immediately.
  • Do use a cake pan or some sort of tray that can help with collecting spilled ZamZam water.  Some precautionary measures will ensure that even if you do accidentally spill some ZamZam water, the water won’t go to waste because you’ll be able to drink it yourself.

3. Wash and completely dry your mason jars.  With clean hands, fill the jars with dates.  I ended up filling about 9 dates per jar.


4.Using cardstock that you like, print out your zamzam-water-bottle-labels and ajwa-dates-gift-labels.  I chose a light blue background with white dots for the ZamZam and a metallic brownish cardstock for the dates.  Carefully cut out your labels, and then attach each label to the water bottle or jar with a glue stick or Scotch tape.

What I love about the ZamZam labels I created is that I included the hadith that mentions the incredible healing powers of ZamZam water.  It was really important for me to encourage and remind my family and friends to make a specific intention or dua before drinking the water.



  • Size your bottle’s labels and determine whether the narrower or wider label is better for you.  The narrower ones are on the first page of the document and the wider ones are on the third page.
  • Cutting the Circular Labels:  Cut out each label by making small, tangential cuts to the circle.  You’ll get something that looks like an octagon.  Then, go ahead and finish cutting out the circular shape.  This will help your circle look less wonky by the time you’re done with it.

img_20160920_162900             img_20160920_162954

  • Decorate your mason jar with some washi tape, if you’d like.  I got the cutest tape that says “SPECIAL DELIVERY” on it and I thought it was perfect 🙂

5.Wrap up your gifts in some tissue paper and put your package into a gift bag 🙂 Maybe throw in a thank you note and a string of prayer beads, and you’re all done!



A slightly more special gift is one I got for the girl who watched my cat in her apartment for the 3 weeks we were away.  I noticed these travel prayer rugs in matching purses while I was in Masjid al Nabawi, and thought it would make a great gift for her.  I found beautiful Turkish prayer rugs on-the-go near my hotel for only 20 riyals, that’s only 6ish dollars!



Good luck surviving all of your welcome back parties, and make sure you’re prepared!


3 thoughts on “ZamZam and Ajwa Date Gifts from Hajj & Umrah + Free Printables!

    1. using a thicker cardstock is very tempting, but not a great idea. I chose a lightweight (similar to computer paper) paper that had a design printed on it and used that. It was easy to wrap around the bottle that way!

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