Warhol-Inspired Stamp Painting

I have gotten almost everything organized and in a place in my home, and now I can’t help but be tempted to add some finishing touches…which means yet more arts and crafts projects!  It’s a win-win 🙂  I have a whole series of low-skill but great-looking home decor pieces coming up!

The bathroom upstairs has been a design problem I have been struggling to solve.  I got these crazy towels, mostly because they were blue and on clearance, and then I put up my model ships in the window.  I didn’t want to go straight nautical themed, especially because the towels are not navy blue and white, and the decor tends to be cheesy.  And then I thought of…


Introducing: Warhol-Inspired Stamp Painting 

Age Range:  9+ years old

Cost:  $ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • canvas
  • cookie cutter
  • foam
  • paint
  • paintbrushes


  1. Divide your canvas into parts.  One, two, three, four, or however many you want according to your canvas size and the size of the image you are going to be using.

2. Paint your canvas’ background however you like.  We did four different colors, matching the towels in our bathroom.  You might want to have a fan near by to help the process go fasterIMG_20151213_221217


3. Grab a piece of foam.  I used a floral foam that I bought from the dollar store, but you can use any foam you have lying around.  (Just keep an eye out for the softness and “pore” size of the foam.)

4.Grab your cookie cutter, and create a stamp by pressing it into the foam.  You might need to make more than one stamp. IMG_20151214_002609

5.Paint your foam with the desired paint color and stamp onto the canvas.  The way you paint the stamp will reflect itself on the canvas (diagonal lines, horizontal strokes, etc.) Wash and pat dry the stamp if changing paint colors.IMG_20151214_002317

6. Finish with a seal, and you’re done!

IMG_20160202_172212 (1)

I really love my bathroom and my grudge against those towels has gone away!  I did this project with my husband, which was really fun for the both of us.  It’s the first painting we have finished together, so that was pretty cute 🙂  Also, I recently saw some Warhols at the Art Institute of Chicago (my husband took me for our anniversary!), which makes this artwork even more awesome for me!

Great artwork and great home decor does not need to be difficult.  Do it yourself and you can fully customize your work to fit your space exactly the way you want it!


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