My Springtime Ramadan 2017 Decor!

One of the things I love about Islamic holidays is that they rotate through the seasons as the lunar calendar dances around the seasonally-tied months of the Gregorian calendar.  This means, at least for me, that Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr decor can embrace whichever season it happens to be.  This year, I’m feeling super springy, so here’s what I came up with this year!

Introducing:  Springtime Ramadan Decor

Age Range:  7+ years old

Cost:  $ out of $$$$

What I Used:

  • colorful wooden letters from Michael’s
  • star-shaped LED candles from Dollar Tree
  • mini wooden flower pots
  • flowers from the Dollar Tree
  • my husband’s middle school ceramics class blue vase
  • art from Turkey (watercolor, tray, bicycle)
  • candles with calligraphy
  • Iftar Dua lantern (they’re sold out on my Etsy shop, but yes, I made them!)

Different Elements:

1. The letters I found at Michael’s and I was torn because they were super colorful, but also on clearance and the right size for our apartment. So, I just decided to embrace the bright colored letters because Ramadan was in the summer last year, and I like thinking of a beach ball when I see my Ramadan letter display!  I had to paint the letter “N” purple, because it was also orange, but otherwise the colors are the original colors I got from the store.

As for the little flower pots, I simply added some flower foam (also from Dollar Tree) inside the pots and plucked off a bunch of lilacs from the larger stems.


2. The vase with flowers is my love of spring all in one vase.  My mother-in-law was cleaning out the basement and found this vase and gave it back to my husband to hold on to or donate.  I decided to throw it up on our bookshelf, and used washi tape with a cute bird pattern. We have cherry blossoms here, and I am obsessed. So the flowers in my vase are cherry blossoms, and these fun  baby lemon balls break up the pink and bring the deep green that incorporates the masculine balance into this arrangement.

3. The tray is a practical, but decorative element. My husband likes keeping cologne, flash drives, and random things from his pockets on the tray. While I was in Istanbul last year, my sisters forced me to get a bicycle with our names written on it. The tasbeehs/prayer beads are gifts from people who have gone for Hajj. The calligraphy candles were a gift from a friend, but I’m going to do a tutorial on how to make those in the near future! (They are so easy.)

4. The watercolor is beautiful Ayasofia. That and the tray are permanent fixtures on the bookshelf.

5. Here are snippets of my other spring decor, that was up before Ramadan. It’s mostly bird cages, cherry blossoms, and mini gardening items!

I hope that this has inspired you to rethink your Ramadan and Eid decor this year! Here’s to a beautiful, rich Ramadan!


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