My Literary and Tea Themed Bridal Shower

So, here’s the good news! I got married, all thanks is due to God, and so many additional thanks rightfully due to my family and friends!

Here are some pictures from my literary and tea party themed bridal shower! I very actively chose the theme and the decor ideas with the help of my sisters and friends. Although that’s not too traditional, I knew what I wanted and I wanted it, so I went for it ūüôā I did the decorations for my wedding reception on my own as well, so a good number of things I had gotten for the reception were easily incorporated into the decor for my bridal shower!

Walking In

IMG_3542We incorporated Scrabble tiles into the decor, which was a really fun touch. My sisters decided to spell out “Welcome to the Love Library,” to my utmost horror, on the front door. ¬†The wreaths I had bought for the reception, and they were remarkably marked down to $2 each at Michaels, originally $40 each.

IMG_7857My sisters, against my will again, established a wedding hashtag. We drew the hashtag on the back of a Scrabble tile, it was worth it.

Fun Ways to Incorporate Pseudo-Scrabble Tiles



IMG-20141129-WA0022The sash that I wore, made by my friends from book pages, string, and a large piece of mesh ribbon. It looked really cute.


General Set-Up

We did the shower at my house, in the patio area. The food was set up downstairs, and there is a tea bar in the back, behind the bench.  The bench was used for taking pictures with friends.


IMG-20141129-WA0024-1Paper lanterns: These are just plain white paper lanterns that I ombre-sprayed with gold glitter spray paint (Krylon Glitter Blast). It’s the first time I’ve used glitter spray paint, and I was really happy with how they came out! Some were hung with gold at the top, some were hung with the gold at the bottom.

IMG-20141129-WA0026-1Choosing the clock as the central object of focus was a cute and quirky touch, my favorite part of the decor in the outdoor seating area.  The small lantern was also spray painted.

Table Decor

For the tables where guests sat and ate at, we decided to use stacks of books, tea cups, paper roses, candles, and stumps of wood with moss toppers lined up on a “table runner,” which was wrapping paper that had a pattern of postcards.




IMG_3477Book stacks: Using plain craft paper, we wrapped books we had from our “library.” That was a major pain, but it really looked nice. ¬†We also wrote our favorite book titles on them.


IMG_1480Tea cups: We had a fun set of colored mini tea cups in our hutch.


IMG-20141129-WA0019Book Page/Paper Roses: I used this tutorial (this one is SUPER easy) and I, sentimentally, used one of my favorite (romance) novels, Pride and Prejudice.  We glued buttons and pearls to the roses. *This rose in the picture is actually the messiest one, with a bunch of glue gun strings showing. It was the only one like that!

Mini Birch Pieces: Purchased off of Craigslist.

Candles: Borrowed from a friend.

IMG_1476Owls: Ornaments from Walmart.

Chunks of wood: Cut from our tree that was getting trimmed. (For the reception.)

Moss-toppers: Custom-made for the wooden logs. I used real moss (from Home Depot, way cheaper than fake moss) and fake flowers. Cut a piece of cardboard, and form the moss on top, gluing it down with a hot glue gun. Then glue down the fake flowers.  The real moss actually sells this look, in my opinion.

Tea Bar

This was absolutely my favorite feature of the bridal shower!I had so many teas at home and I love “social drinking.” ¬†I wanted to share my love of tea with my friends, and my mom really wanted the boxes of teas taking up half a cupboard in the kitchen¬†gone when I moved, lol.





IMG-20141130-WA0000Tea Jars: These are jars that I get my honey in, and I simply reused them to hold the teas. Labels are made from book pages and printed cardstock, taped over with packaging tape.



IMG_7886Tree stumps: From a neighbor’s tree that was being cut down.

Owl Cupcake Toppers (the ones on the right): Take two stickers and a toothpick. Stick the stickers together with the toothpick in the middle. Viola!

Activity Tables


IMG_3466This quote was the jumping off point for the theme of the shower!

Quote Frame: I took an old picture frame from the garage. We covered the cardboard with book pages, and then printed out the quote.  The frame was a little beaten up, so my friend had the idea to spray paint it very lightly with a bronze color. It is absolutely beautiful, and something I am going to keep!

IMG_3467Guest Book.

IMG_3468Favors: Bookmarks! Printed on cardstock and laminated with laminate sheets. I would suggest just buying bookmarks.

IMG_7870Make Your Own Favors: The favors were simply the bookmarks and the teas from the tea bar.  My friend moved all the teas inside once people started to leave.  They simply took some tea bags they liked and filled them in their little clear gift bags. You can see a sample at the top right of the picture.  The flower cut-out was the directions for the favor-making (it can be seen in full in one of the above pictures.)

IMG_3490The Date Night Table: Covered in wooden-printed wrapping paper.




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