My Laid-Back Magical, Wintery Park-Themed Wedding

It’s almost been a year since I got married, all praise and thanks is due to God! I have been thinking back to this time last year, and I thought I would share what my wedding decorations looked like!

I decided to do the decorations for my wedding reception in California on my own.  It was a huge decision to make, but I committed to it 110%, and I think it worked out beautifully!  I wanted something other than just the typical, gaudy Desi wedding, I was looking forward to the challenge, and most importantly, I wanted to not have an extravagant wedding with the hopes of attracting more blessings into my marriage.  It all came together eventually, and I guess the theme could best be described as a mix between winter wonderland and magical park?…it sounds like a stretch, but I loved it.  The room was split between men and women.

(I did a post on my literary and tea party themed bridal shower earlier in the year, you can check it out here.)

 The Womens’ Side

The StageIMG_5044DIY Items (from front to back):

  • Painted paper lanterns: I used metallic spray paint for the small ones and did the one in the center ombre from gold to blue with glitter spray paint.  The big lanterns down in front, which are supposed to be boulders, were ombre-sprayed with gold glitter. 2014-10-16 22.52.35
  • Flower balls (red and blue): Made with craft foam balls, we basically hot-glued a bunch of flowers and stuck a paper clip that we opened up into the top and/or bottom of the balls.  I made these with my friend, Ashley 🙂

2014-12-15 17.02.02
2014-12-15 17.01.41-1

  • The stage stand:  I used PVC pipe that I spray painted brown and just went to Home Depot and had one of the guys there give me everything I needed.  It was inexpensive, and there are plenty of tutorials out on the web.  I wanted to make mine as tall as I could, so my trick was this–wiggle the pole and see where it gives near the top.  That’s where you cut it.
  • Bench: Simply repainted it with a dark brown that had a glitter finish.
  • Moss toppers for big paper lanterns and logs:  Cut out a piece of cardboard that fits over the circle of the lantern you are using.  Glue (REAL) moss (it’s so much cheaper than fake moss and looks way cooler) and fake flowers on the top.  To keep the lanterns from rolling around, get some foam wreath circles from the dollar store (I painted them white) and plop the lanterns on top.  If you have time, I would suggest figuring out a way to further secure the moss toppers and the lanterns to each other/the wreath holder.
  • Big pieces of wood:  These are from my neighbor’s tree! I peeled off the bark and cleaned them up.  They looked so beautiful.
  • Little logs:  We got them from our tree when we had it trimmed.  There are flameless candles on the moss toppers.IMG_5053-001


And just for fun, here are these pictures…of me 🙂






The Tables

DIY Items:

  • Centerpieces: The same paper lanterns and moss toppers used on the stage.  Inside the lanterns were three flameless tealights, and holding the lanterns in place was a beautiful dogwood wreath, which I somehow stumbled upon at Michael’s for $2 each 🙂 I think these centerpieces must have been $5-7 each, not bad 🙂

IMG_5046 copy

Here’s a closer look:

This is from another party at which my centerpieces were borrowed.

This is from another party at which my centerpieces were borrowed.

Cupcake TableIMG_8459

DIY Items:

  • Swirled fabric along the side of the table (see in Wedding Ceremony below).
  • Cupcake Decorations:  Because I had so much wood incorporated into my decor, I thought it would be cute to cut a pirouette in half and stick it in.  My friends did it for me, and they looked great!  The cupcakes are just from Sam’s Club.  We had a cake at the ceremony, so cupcakes was a great option for me!


The Men’s Side

The men’s side was considerably less over the top and cutesy.  I wanted it to be a little more casual and easy-going, and masculine, of course.

The Head Table


DIY Items:

  • Fabric Overhangs: These were made by my talented mom (who really did not like this project) out of old curtain valences! How cool is that? I saw a picture of a head table that had square tablecloths laid on the diagonal over the edge, and I totally had to do it!IMG_5078
  • Branch bouquets:  I picked branches from my yard and a local park.  Some were sprayed white and then with glitter, some were sprayed a metallic rust color, and some were left as they were.  There are these beaded crystal pieces in there, too.  I bought zip-ties and arranged the “bouquets,” making sure that they fit inside the blue bud vases easily.  This made set up for my friends and family easy (I hope!)


  • Vases:  I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with feminine touches, so I chose to put pebbles in the bottoms of the vases, which I thought looked absolutely on point.  Alongside the little birch pieces (vases and birch pieces I bought off of Craigslist), the ostentatiously-shaped but subtly-colored white flower (whatever it is called…my uncle chose all the flowers) gave it just enough softness.


The Tables


DIY Items;

  • Circular stands:  I made thse out of a cardboard disk, a poster paper strip, and glitter wrapping paper.  This was absolutely a pain and a half to make, and I probably will never make it ever again!!! Cupcakes were supposed to be on there as well, but they never made it over from the girl’s side, rumor has it 😦

The Welcome Area


DIY Items:

  • Envelope holder:  Made out of a hand-me down cardboard “cake” holder, I transformed this with wood-patterned wrapping paper, moss, and fake flowers.



The Wedding Ceremony at the Mosque

I figured, I might as well throw this in here, too.  The ceremony at the mosque was really simple, and we pretty much just tried doing a cake table.  My cousin and I twisted together a rosette runner and glittery tulle and used straight pins to keep it up.  I did this at home, and then picked up the circular tablecloth by the center and packed it away.  All my friends had to do was open it up and lay it down on the table.  A little crumply, yes, but it took an hour to arrange the fabric beforehand!



And here’s my dress, I was totally in love with it.




I hope you enjoyed looking through my pictures, and although it is a lot of work, I think doing your own wedding decorations is worth it if you’d enjoy that sort of thing 🙂 I’d like to thank all of my friends and family who helped make this enormous DIY project possible, and enjoy all of the winter weddings you are attending this winter!


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