Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Cups

My mom and I love watching Food Network together.  One afternoon, we saw this recipe by Melissa d’Arabian, and we really wanted to try it!  I never got a chance to try it before I got married, but I tried it this morning, and it’s definitely an indulgent, hearty vegetarian breakfast item!  The presentation is a killer and it definitely looks just as good as it tastes!


Introducing: Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Cups

Age Range: 12+ years old

Skill Level: Basic    

Cost:  $$ out of $$$$

Extra Ingredients I Used:

  • mushrooms
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • sub flour tortillas for corn tortillas
  • bell peppers/mini sweet peppers
  • tomatoes
  • avocado
  • salsa verde (store-bought)


Here is the original recipe on Food Network.

What I Did Different:

  1. I used flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas, mostly because I didn’t have corn tortillas. I used the ones for soft tacos, and simply cut them in half and then made two deep slits 60 degrees apart from each other to help fold the tortillas into the cupcake pan.  Cook them at 350 for 10 minutes, and then layer all the good stuff in.
  2. For the black beans, I made Melissa d’Arabian’s “Perfect Black Beans,” which is an absolute no-brainer and incredibly tasty.  It does take a bit of prep and a while to cook, but what’s fresher and cheaper than beans you’ve cooked yourself?  The only edits I made was by roasting diced zucchini and squash with some olive oil and salt and pepper, as well as roasting mushrooms (and onions which I added for the last 20 minutes) with olive oil and salt and pepper.  I dumped the contents of these two trays into the finished black beans.  It’s just a way of getting more veggies into a dish, and it rounds out the black beans a bit.
  3. I added a tablespoon full of salsa verde on top of the black bean mixture.  I didn’t stir the salsa into the beans.
  4. With the layering, I also added more vegetables.  Slice the tomatoes into thin rounds and do the same with the bell peppers/mini peppers.  Layer those on top of the black beans.
  5. Skip the cheese!  Dice up an avocado, and toss it with some salt and black pepper.  Add a couple pieces on top once they’re out of the oven!  You won’t miss the creaminess or the added flavor of the cheese, an avocado is so much better!


  1. Make sure you grease the cupcake pan/muffin tins.
  2. Prepare the black beans from before.  Use the left over black beans in a burrito, just make a small pot of rice to go alongside those same diced veggies and that same salsa verde!
  3. Make sure to salt and pepper the eggs once they’re in!
  4. Raise the oven up to 400 before putting the filled cups in, but watch your eggs and tortilla cups carefully!  We also broiled the eggs right at the end because we cooked them for 15 extra minutes and they were still runny.
  5. When covering the tray, make sure the top of the foil doesn’t hit the eggs D:
  6. Serve with the diced avocados and salsa verde on the side.

There you go–fancy, filling, pretty darn healthy, and downright beautiful!



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