Homemade Boba Milk Tea Drinks

My siblings and I all finally got together again after five months, and we’re making up for all of the eating out we didn’t do during that time.  One of the things we love doing is getting boba milk tea drinks, but afterwards, it’s hard for me to believe that we’ll spend $20-30 every time we go!  It really adds up, and no one has the money for that.

So, I was randomly wandering around 99 Ranch Market, a Vietnamese grocery store here in Southern California, and I was looking for matcha green tea.  But I found something even better–everything I need to make my own boba!


Boba: “WuFuYuan Black Tapioca Pearls”

The instructions were easy, and we mixed in local wildflower honey that I brought with me to California.  You just have to know how hard or soft you like the tapioca to be.  It was really neat, because they are bouncy when they’re dry!


Thai Tea: “Taste Nirvana Thai Tea”

This is an herbal tea that comes in a tea bag.  If you are familiar with brewing tea, then this will be up your alley.  If not, then you might have to try a few times to figure out how long you want to brew your tea and how much milk and sugar you want to add (and when).  I find it works best when you add hot milk to the tea, even if you want to serve it cold.  Adding the sugar is also a good idea while it’s hot.  It’s not that bright, scary orange I’m used to when the milk is mixed in, but I’m fine with that.  Note:  They have a ready-to-go mix as well from what I remember seeing in the store.


Matcha Milk Tea:  “GreenMax Matcha Milk”

This is a powder that is already has the creamer and sweetener in it..  My sister said it tastes “just like the Starbucks latte.”  You have to be careful about adding just enough water to make sure that you don’t taste or feel the powdery texture of the mix.  But then again, I know that so many boba shops use powder mixes because I can taste them sometimes in my drink.

My overall thoughts:  I like the tea bags for the ability to customize the taste and sweetness and I like the powder mix for the ease of preparation.  It’s not hard to make the boba, it’s kind of like making pasta!  Definitely try this out, and see how much you save 🙂  I spent $10 on everything I bought, and I’ll be able to make boba drinks for my family a few times over!

This was my first time buying and trying these things, but we’ve been making Jasmine Milk Tea (green) for a few years.  They are the TenRen tea bags, and we just brew them on the stove for a while, and then add in milk and sugar.  We’ve never tried boba in there, though, since this is the first time we’ve made boba ourselves.

Now to find boba-sized straws…I might pop over to the boba shop anyways and buy some!





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