Eid Lantern + Free Printout

Assalamu alaykum!  Before our eyes, Ramadan is slipping away and Eid is fast-approaching!  This is an easy, DIY craft that is a cheap way to bring Eid cheer to your home!

Screenshot_2015-07-10-08-18-41 crop

Introducing:  Eid Lantern + Free Printout!

Age Range: 7+ years old

Cost: $ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 pieces of scrapbook paper or cardstock that can be printed on
  • Tissue paper, wax paper, or vellum paper
  • Glue or tape (I used a glue gun)
  • Electric votive/tea light candle (optional)
  • Optional: fun shaped cut-outs (I used an XXL “Paper Studio” Star Punch from Hobby Lobby)


*Disclaimer: I re-did the digital file of the printout to correct the flaws of the version pictured here.

1. Cut your paper into a size that will feed into your printer.

2. Print out both pages of the free printouts (they are on Google Drive) of the Eid Lantern onto the right side up of your paper.  Page 1, Page 2

3. Cut out the two pages of the lantern (making sure to NOT cut out the fold that separates the two panels.)  I used scissors, but an Xacto knife can be used for the more picky 🙂

2015-07-09 18.20.43

4. Fold the lantern in two places on each page: between the two panels and the little flap on the right-most side.

5. Optional step: Take your fun-shaped cut outs and adhere them to the panels of the Eid lantern as you desire.  I used an XXL “Paper Studio” star-shaped punch that I bought for $10 (half-off) at Hobby Lobby. I am so glad I bought it, and I think the stars send my lantern over the edge!

6. Cut out four pieces of tissue paper (or whatever you are using to line the inside of the lantern), that will match up with each panel.  If you cut the top of the tissue paper into a triangle, it minimizes the cutting you have to do.

2015-07-09 18.16.32

7. Adhere the tissue paper to each panel.

2015-07-09 18.14.02

8. Adhere each flap behind the panel of the other half of the lantern, until it forms a rectangle.  And there you go–a free-standing, beautiful “E-I-D” lantern!



Wouldn’t these be so cute on top of a counter, or on a food table, or even used as centerpieces for an Eid party?

P.S.–I wish I had a Cricut Printer!


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