Easy Lovebird Painting, Review and Tips

I was hanging out with my friend yesterday and we were looking for something to do, and we decided to try our hand at a painting! She has never painted before, so we were looking for something easy we could do together.  We were hunting around on YouTube for something we liked, and found a lovebird painting based off of the free class preview from justpaintitblog.com.  The blog is really neat, and it seems like her painting classes must be a lot of fun!

We thought that the painting was easy enough, cute enough, and we both just so happened to have weddings we were invited to/attending in the next couple weeks!  I realized that I could put the paintings up on my blog when we were more than halfway through the paintings, so I didn’t take any step-by-step pictures. But, the free class preview is very helpful and you’ll get a great idea of what it’s supposed to look like throughout the process.

Introducing: Lovebirds on a Branch Painting


Age Range: 9+ years old

Cost: $ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • A canvas
  • 3 colors of paint
  • Paintbrushes (4-5 sizes)
  • Finishing varnish (spray paint is easiest)
  • Optional: toothpick and the back of a paintbrush

Instructions and Tips:

  1.  Pick your background color and paint a gradient in circles.  The background is always the trickiest for me.  Make sure you blend as you go, by using a clean, dry brush (or get it slightly damp to help blending.)

-Tip #1: Do you want your background on the lighter or darker side?  If you want it lighter, start from the center and either start with plain white or mix in however much of your background color you want to the desired lightness.  Add more of your background color as you move towards the outside of the canvas.  If you want it darker, then start from the outside and work your way in, adding white paint as you move towards the center.

2.  Paint your branches.  We used brown, because we thought black would be too intense.

-Tip #2:  Make sure you know where your birds are going to sit and create a flat, even surface for them to be chilling on without too many off-shoots getting in the way.  As you can see, the smaller painting (mine)has more of a diagonal branch, so my birds came out diagonal >.<  I realize that I could have just painted them straight up and down because they cover the branches, anyways!


3.  Paint your birds, making sure the spacing of them is good enough so that they’re touching/leaning in on each other.  They’re “lovebirds” after all, lol.

-Tip #3: Nervous about this step?  Go ahead and practice on a piece of scrap paper.  If your bird looks a little funky, make sure the head is large enough, and make surethat the bird’s body is plump enough.

4.  Paint the leaves and finish off the tiniest parts of the branches.

-Tip #4:  We could not, for the life of us, figure out which brushes to use and how to paint delicate branches and leaves.  So we tossed our brushes aside (sort of) and used toothpicks and the backs of the paintbrushes.  We took small blobs of paint on the backs of our paintbrushes, and used either the back of the paintbrush or the toothpick to manipulate the leaves into the shapes we wanted them.  Then, taking the toothpicks, we connected the leaves to the branches.


5.  Finish your painting with varnish!  It seems like varnish is expensive, and yes, I thought that when I bought my can of varnish.  But I have used it so many times for so many paintings, that it’s totally worth it.


Why I Love this as a Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, or Bridal Shower Gift:

  1. It’s a personal gift and a unique piece of art, that you painted yourself!
  2. It’s easy, doesn’t require too much skill, fun, and inexpensive.
  3. If you know what colors the couple likes or what colors are in their home, it will be fun to decide what background color to use.
  4. If the couple is Muslim, you don’t have to worry about the silhouette of the birds because they don’t have eyes on their backs (obviously.)  But, ask your local scholar to double check if this is an alright painting to display in a home and still have the angels stay!
  5. The painting is cute, and only borderline cheesy 🙂

All in all, I think the bigger one that my friend did turned out way nicer!  Good for her 🙂 Maybe we’ll try painting together next time we hang out!  This could possibly be a great activity for a small bridal shower, host your own painting party!

Happy painting and gifting!


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