Dollar Store Decor: Hajj-Inspired Eid “Wreath”

Eid ul Adha and all of its festivities are not too far away!  This craft is the perfect merging of everything I believe in when it comes to crafting!  We should make a big deal out of Eid and celebrate it beautifully, with things that remind us of our Islamic heritage.  Crafting or decorating should never be expensive or demand an intense skill-set.  And what is equally super exciting about this Eid decoration is its inspirations from Hajj, specifically its Kaabah-esque aesthetic, and the Fall.   (After all, I am experiencing my first true Fall this year!)

The last perk of this craft is that I bought pretty much everything from the dollar store (Dollar Tree), or the materials can be found and bought for under $1!  Eid Mubarak!


Introducing:  Hajj-Inspired Eid “Wreath”

Age Range:  9+ years old

Cost:  $ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • black square plates (bigger size for “wreath,” but smaller sized plates can be used for making something like a penant banner)
  • yellow and/or orange fabric flowers (I used 2 flower bouquets for 3 plates)
  • acrylic paint + paintbrush (or paint marker)
  • hot glue gun


  1. Decide how many “wreaths” you’d like to make and what they’ll say.  Maybe even work out the layout from before, to help you create a cohesive and well-flowing design.
  2. Paint your words onto the base of the square plate.  Lettering can be scary for some of us (it is for me!), but just do your best and nobody really cares if the “m” is a little ugly.  The best thing about using acrylic paint is that if you mess up a certain part, you can take a damp paper towel and wipe away whatever you don’t like.IMG_20150919_135234
  3. Pluck the flowers off of their stems, cut off those pesky little knobs at the base, and glue them down in some pretty arrangement.  The two flowers I got were sunflowers and …mums…? (not really sure what they’re called) because I loved that their colors matched the paint I had chosen.  I also personally love the touch of black at the center of sunflowers, and something about sunflowers says Fall to me 🙂  I also chose to rip some of the leaves off and glue them down, I just thought that the decor needed another color to break up the goldish yellow and black color scheme monotony.


And that’s basically it!  To drive in the Kaabah theme more, you can try adding a gold stripe near the top, either with paint, ribbon, or even just the flowers!  You could also use smaller sized plates to make something like a pennant banner, painting one letter in the center of the plate and hanging them all up together 🙂  The best thing is, you’ll have so many plates that come in the pack to use, so for just a dollar, why not?


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