Accessories and Make Up Wall Organizer

I’m back home visiting my family and just noticed my sister’s new, awesomely clever wall organizer.  She said she was tired of having all of her stuff out on her dresser, so she decided to take it all up!  This time, everything featured is not from Dollar Tree, but it is from Daiso–this Japanese dollar (to four dollar) store that has started popping up all over California.  She made this with the help of a friend and our brother.

IMG_20160106_194948 (1)


Introducing:  Accessories and Make Up Wall Organizer

Age Range:  12+ years old

Cost:  $$ out of $$$$

What You’ll Need:

  • wire rack
  • hanging baskets
  • hooks
  • nails


  1. Hammer a nail into the wall where you want the wire rack to sit.  You may want to add another nail at the bottom, in order to keep the wire rack in place despite uneven weight distribution once it’s full.  The wire racks my sister bought came with a hook on the top.IMG_20160106_195046

2. Hang up your baskets however you want them.  Make sure you utilize the “empty space” in the rack and hang up any earrings you have that will easily fit there.


3. Place hooks in the bottom edge of the basket to hang up necklaces or other dangly things 🙂IMG_20160106_195140

And there you go!  The most difficulty you’ll have is finding the right things you’ll need, and that doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult!

Here’s what the whole thing looks like!  (And she’s a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan if you can’t tell.)



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