A Sweet Night (Bridal Shower Gift)

This past summer was packed with more weddings than I could have ever imagined attending!  And with weddings, come bridal showers.  I typically don’t gift lingerie to my friends, for many reasons, and my go-to gift is Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette since I know most of my (hijabi) friends don’t really have good quality make-up.  But, after being invited to so many, I had to start getting a little creative with my gifts so that I wouldn’t go broke.  I keep mind the personality of my friend getting married and set a budget, and then go from there.  This idea is one I wanted to share!

This bride-to-be loves baking and nail polish (no wonder we’re friends) and I have noticed that she always tends to stay a bit more covered up at “girls’ parties” than most of my other friends.  I took that information and the idea of packing a “Date Night” into a gift and came up with this:


A Sweet Night

A Sweet Night


So, my Date Night in a gift bag comes down to this: send your husband out to pick up dinner, and I’ll give you a little black dress, some accessories, and a dessert (that you make).

Cost: The great thing about this is that you can choose how much you want to spend.  You can hit a sale at the mall or go high-end, but the idea of the gift stays the same.  I spent around $20 on this gift with smart shopping.

What You’ll Need:

The Dress

I picked out something I thought she probably wouldn’t have bought for herself, but would still wear.


2014-09-04 16.34.16

From H&M.

The Accessories

This one was 2 bottles of nail polish.  I think nail polish is an accessory, and not make-up, lol.  She normally just wears reds and maroons, so I thought I would introduce some purple into her collection.  My favorite brand of nail polish is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear, so that’s what I got her.  I wanted to find her a cute necklace or something as well that would match the nail polish, but I didn’t like what I found and din’t have enough time to go to another place.

The Dessert

What I wanted her to make was: mini cheescake pudding pies! I recently discovered how easy this was, and I know she could make this in her sleep.  What I gave her was a box of graham crackers, an instant pudding mix, and the recipe.

Graham Cracker Crusts

Graham Cracker Crusts

Finished product.

2014-09-21 20.50.47-1


And here’s the recipe!



2014-09-27 13.26.31


Wrapping It All Up!

Here’s the thing, you take a creative and thoughtful idea, dress it up like mad, and $20 can go a long way! I found a gift bag that matched the colors of her nail polish, and then wrapped the individual parts of her gift in matching tissue paper.  I have all of these scented stickers, and went a little crazy with them on the bag.  I scrunched the excess tissue at the top into flowers, and glued some rhinestones to little circles of construction paper to make it look cute. (If I had bigger rhinestones, I would have just used those.)  I tied the flowers with curling ribbon so that they’d hold, and strung little labels onto them.  In her card, I explained the gift on one side, and wrote a message for her on the other side.




2014-09-27 13.26.04

Here’s the finished product when I stuffed everything inside, and my cat! 🙂
2014-09-27 13.33.13


*On a final note, I asked a shaykh about his opinion on giving lingerie to friends for their bridal showers, and he said it was completely fine, and he actually encourages it.