14 Dollar Tree Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr Snags!

I hope Ramadan is going well for everyone so far! I did my Ramadan decor already, but decided to do some for my mom as well. The Ramadan decor I sent her last year disappeared, so I decided to do a cheap DIY from the Dollar Tree that took as little time and effort as possible.  And let’s just be honest, the Fourth of July decor section being out is so convenient around Ramadan and Eid time 🙂 My suggestion is to pick either silver and blue or silver and red for your color theme, unless you want to go all out patriotic. There’s a lot of cute summer stuff in right now, too!

This post has two parts. Part One: Ramadan decor at my mom’s house. Part Two: What I found at the Dollar Tree I went to!

Introducing: 14 Dollar Tree Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr Snags (Fourth of July and Summer Decor)

PART ONE: Decor at My Mom’s Decor

The Stairs

Each star has one letter that spells “Ramadan”

The Kitchen

This is from the star plates, just cut out the inner star.

The Eating Area

PART TWO: 14 Items I found at Dollar Tree

1-Star Necklace:

  • Hanging Decor: Make a cut in the necklace and you’ve got adorable garland.
  • Fun for Kids/Party Favor: Hand these necklaces out to kids who come over for an iftar or Eid party.
  • Accent for Jars/Glasses: Make a cut in the necklace and use hot glue to attach to a jar or glass.

2. Lanterns with LED Lights (Battery Operated)

  • Hanging Decor: String them up.
  • Tablescape: Use these as centerpieces.

3. Star-Shaped Plates:

  • Hanging Decor: Cut out the center star from the bigger star so that they don’t look like paper plates. Hole punch them and string them up. Add messages or create a Ramadan or Eid banner, so easy and doesn’t look cheesy!
  • Tablescape: Place food on these plates.
  • Dinnerware: Use these to serve food on, maybe just iftar or appetizers or desserts.

4. Printed Tablecovers

  • Tablescape: Who doesn’t buy plastic tablecovers from Dollar Tree? This print reminds me of Turkish lanterns. Alternate tables with solid and printed tablecovers to have a balanced look.
  • Tablescape: Cut these into smaller strips and use as table runners. So easy it hurts. You can see I’m a fan of this print with solid red, but yellow or blue might be delightful.
  • Photobooth Backdrop: Hang it up and take pictures with family and friends.

5. Star Cut-Out Buckets:

  • Hanging Decor: Candles + string. Enough said.
  • Outdoor Decor: Candles on the inside and line them up along your driveway or patio or on your doorstep, etc.
  • Tablescape: Candle inside. If you want to get fancy, add a tag that says Ramadan Mubarak or Eid Mubarak or a hadith of some sort.
  • Tablescape: This is a super sneaky one 🙂 Put a clear glass inside of this little bucket and fill with some water. You’ve got yourself a cute vase to cut some flowers from your garden (or just buy a bouquet) and make centerpieces!
  • Tablescape: Assigning seats? These can be table number holders (flip them upside down) or even give one bucket to each person with a name tag on each one. If you’re going through all of this trouble, you may even consider putting iftar (cut up fruit in a clear plastic glass inside the bucket) or dessert in each one.
  • Party Favors: Add whatever goodies you want to this bucket. Maybe some healthy snacks, homebaked goodies, or little toys. These might be a little large, so stuff the bottom with some tissue to make the space smaller.

6. Colorful Jars with Handles

  • Hanging Decor: Hang these up on nails outdoors or with heavy duty rope inside.
  • Tablescape: Grab a metallic Sharpie and write Eid Mubarak or draw a star or crescent on the jar. Add water and plop a candle inside or fill with flowers.. 

7. Colorful Glass Bottles

  • Tablescape: Fill with flowers or candles and you’ve got centerpieces. You have a bunch of fun shapes to choose from.

8. Star-Shaped Glass “Vases”

  • Tablescape: Fill with water dyed with food coloring, and add a floating candle. Or, fill with colorful gems instead of using food coloring to add color.
  • Tablescape: Having henna or mehndi at your party? Fill these with mehndi and add confetti. (We did this for decor around the home around the time I was getting married.)
  • Tablescape: Fill these with dates or small sweets. Maybe even use these for making jello!

9. Sand Castle Mold, Star-Shaped

  • Dessert: Make jello in these! Or other form-taking treats, like Rice Krispies.

10. 3-D Glitter Star with Star Cut-Outs

  • Tablescape: Centerpieces on your table or accent decor on serving tables.
  • Hanging Decor: String these up!

11. Star-Shaped Cancles

  • Tablescape: Lay these out on your serving table or set up a runner on tables and put these down in a line.
  • Party Favors: Wrap these up in little goody boxes or cellophane bags (or throw them into those buckets!). Who doesn’t love candles?

12. Star-Shaped Tea Light Candles/Votive Holders

  • Tablescape: Line these up on a runner or at your serving table.
  • Tablescape: Display mini desserts in these.13. Mini Star Balloons with Stems
    • Party Favors: Hand these out to kids.
    • Tablescape: Take some foam and add it to the bottom of the bucket with star cut-outs (Item #3). Stick the stem into the foam, and viola.

14. Star Balloons

  • Decor: Put these at the serving table, on your mailbox or front door, or by the stairs. They’ll stay good for weeks sometimes, so keep them up all Ramadan if you’d like!
  • Party Favors: Hand these out to kids on their way out. Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned balloon?

I hope you enjoy inshaAllah! I sincerely believe that making your home more festive is something that can be done on a budget and with very little to no artistic skills! Have a blessed Ramadan and Eid and please keep me and my family in your prayers!


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